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Avail a range of easy-to-operate, functionally efficient and durable Dosing Pump, Gas Chlorinator, Ozone Generator, Electromagnetic Flow Meter and All Water Treatment Items for wide applications in sectors like

About Us

We are the authorized Distributor, Exporter and Trader of TOSHCON JESCO MAKE DOSING PUMP, GAS CHLORINATOR and ORAIPL make OZONE MANUFCATURING PLANT FOR WATER TREATMENT INDUSTRY, and providing reliable and high quality Online Analytical Analyzers; Process Control, Analytical/Laboratory & other Industrial Instruments/Equipments.

We are also Manufacturing Chlorine Scrubbing Systems, RO, STP, ETP, Softener right from designing to Manufacturing, erection, commissioning and operation of all those. We have various satisfied customers & are committed to constantly upgrade our way of services with new and improved advancement in technology.


We possess Instruments for the following applications & segments:

  • Swimming Pool Equipment
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Effluent Treatment
  • Drinking Water Treatment
  • Rain Water Harvesting River/ Surface Water  Treatment
  • Sewage Treatment/Water Treatment Plants

The products we deal are widely accepted in various GOVERNMENT & PRIVATE Organizations

  • Municipal Water Works
  • Pollution Control Boards
  • Public Health Engineering Departments
  • Central Water Commission
  • Central Ground Water Works
  • Automobile/ Paper Mills/ Cement
  • Chemical/ Pharmaceutical/ Fertilizer/ Food
  • Oil & Gas / Thermal Power Plants


The parameters for which we supply Instruments are:

pH, Conductivity, ION (Fluoride, Nitrate, Bromide, Cyanide, Ammonia, Chloride, Ammonia, Nitrate etc..), TDS,  Salinity, Dissolved Oxygen, Chlorine & Chloride, Turbidity, BOD Analysis,  COD Analysis, Arsenic, Chromium, Fe- (Iron), Cyanide, Silica, Hazen(color), Nitrate, Manganese, Online BOD/ COD/ Nitrate/ Phosphorous/ Bio Monitoring / Toxicity/ Silica/ Phosphate/ Hydrazine/ Sodium/ DO (PPB), Disinfection of Water( Hypo Chlorite Dosing by Dosing Pump) & numerous more parameters for Water

  • OZONE GENERATOR: we offer high quality ozone generator from Ozone research Application India (P) Ltd., which has established technical collaboration with Kaufman, Germany.
  • Dosing / Metering Pumps: We offer a complete range of Dosing/ Metering Pumps along with all Automation including Chlorine Evaporators, Chlorine Absorption systems, Chlorine Leak Detection systems etc.  
  • Liquid Flow Meter / Level Transmitter: We offer Electromagnetic / Ultrasonic and other Flow Meter and RF / Ultrasonic / Float Level Transmitter etc.
  • Laboratory Instruments for Chlorine measurement: We have Chlorine Comparator with DPD tablets measurement method for field use which is approved by World Health Organization (WHO) + we have higher end Chlorine Photometer which are Portable & Laboratory versions for Field & Laboratory use.
  • Chlorine Scrubbing System of various capacities.


Most of the above products have several Salient features & advantages over most of the other renowned International & Local Competitors. All the products are very user friendly & easy to use, even though they are sophisticated & hence we feel you will really be happy to use the products offered by us.

And many more.

We now request you to kindly include us in your approved supplier List for above listed products and  in upcoming projects and advise accordingly to your contracts & give us an opportunity to serve you.

Thanking you & we assure to provide you our best services always.